The cheerful, talkative, bubbly girl..

always wanted to become a librarian. She pursued music education in Chicago. Finished her degree, taught high school, and went to pursue a master's degree in library science. She went from big city living to finding a new beginning in a much smaller town in Michigan. She began a partnership (DigiBridge) between Grand Rapids Public Schools and the Grand Rapids Public Libraries, which won the 2015 Public Library Association Upstart Innovation Award and the 2014 Urban Library Council’s Leading Learning award. She met her husband (an English teacher) at a work training. They married and bought a charming house. 

By day, She can be found wearing a multitude of "job" hats as a librarian. She engages teens in literacy through technology, fosters a love of reading in younger children, and has spoken state-wide and nationally on collaborations between schools and libraries and trends in literature. You can also find her writing book review on Goodreads.

By night, her other whimsical adventures include playing piano, binge watching TV series and movies, and leveling up characters playing Fantasy War Tactics R. Her newest thrilling escapades revolve around remodeling a 100 year-old house.



Any professional photos on this site were taken by Christine Waller. She is an amazing photographer and I just love her work.