Project: Kitchen Shelves

My husband just finished building kitchen shelves. We are in the process of trying to free up counter and shelf space so we have more food space. Old houses are fascinating.  I'm not sure I quite get how most families were quite large and while the houses are roomy they have  no real storage space.  I'll save researching turn of the century houses and space for another date. 

Side note:  I visited Chicago last weekend and showed my dad pictures of the completed shelves. My father replies, "THOSE ARE MAN SHELVES!" If you are a nerd (like I am) and have seen the anime (Fairy Tale) you will know there's this character that always refer to himself (and everyone) as a MAN! 

 I swear to God, I [internally] went---did you just channel Elfman? My dad kept saying if the house falls down, those shelves will still be left standing. On to building: 

Started from the bottom:

     Price: (<$100)               Materials: 1x12 | 2x4 (6) | Screws | Paint | Brackets

The hardest part of the project pictured was leveling. 

Now we're here:

That right there----is the semi-final picture. We were making sure our island of randomness fit nice and neat under the shelves. 

Tom has been painting the shelves over the weekend. When they are finally finished, I will post up pictures of the final results. He also decided to paint the Ikea island that we put on wheels, too. 

We are currently deep in projects in preparation for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited!!!