Project: Bathroom

I recently attended a party where in talking to another couple they mentioned that since owning a house most projects start at 1K.  

I mean, it shouldn't seem like a lot. When you think about how much your textbooks in college cost for one semester or how much you've probably spent in acquiring articles of clothing: 

Housing projects SHOULD seem reasonable. I mean seriously, I'm beginning to think that every time I tell my husband I want a cosmetic change to the house, I should think about  doing a crowd-source for funds. 


It's like when I use to play all the games where you saved up for expensive items by questing----and you could usually do it the good old fashion way: by buying and selling your own items OR seeing if everyone in the community would donate 1 gold coin to your quest... What does this have to do with our bathroom? 

This is a picture of our bathroom. It's the before picture because I'm not sure when there will be an after picture. Our bathroom needs a whole NEW makeover. Partially, because Tom LOVES baths, and would have never bought a house without one. 


 I'm not sure why anyone would EVER get rid of a tub.  I completely hard-core SOLD Tom on the idea of getting this house in lieu of pursuing our own avenues of getting a bathtub BACK into bathroom. I'm currently trying to find blueprints of the original layout to see if I can figure out how it was designed back then. 

Anyway, we received an astronomical estimate that was just jaw dropping crazy. I was going, "DUDE?! Seriously-----No way....."


When Tom first told me what they said I laughed and rolled my eyes in exasperation about how house projects are rarely straightforward. It's mostly because I'm impatient and wish I could just DO ALL THE THINGS NOW!!!  Well if I have's tenacity so I went to pursue some other avenues for second-hand opinions. I knew two people who have renovated their bathrooms as a DIY  so I called my dad and another fellow house flipper to just confirm just in case we take this as a DIY project. They both said the same things about us being able to do the project for way less than estimated but going about it different avenues, starting with another estimate. 

Currently, we have discussed that we will probably be waiting until next year to start on this major project overhaul. Stay tuned for any bathroom progress updates!