In Preperation to Host...

...for the holidays, Tom and I have made STRIDES to making our house more of a home [instead of rooms stuffed with all types of unsorted bric-a-brac that makes us feel magical anytime we discover something] . 


Guest Room 

We can now have sleepovers! We've successfully converted our room of horrors into our offices and guest room. I'm still using the guest room closet as a short term goal until we figure out our Master bedroom storage situation. 

Master Bedroom

It is painted. A nice soothing green. I am now sure of the color that I will use to paint  accent furniture. 



I have found where I want a clock to hang. The shelves are now completed and are currently storing items allowing me maximum counter space in prepping Thanksgiving dinner. 

Dining Room 

We have a table. The woodchips that were EVERYWHERE are now gone. I have a china cabinet that is built and is holding all our china dishes. Our white shelves are cleared from random items and is currently holding what is necessary. 

The house is slowly starting to take shape. It's nice to have impending guests because that means: YOU HAVE TO START GETTING READDDDYYY!