Project: Painting

Tom has done professional paint jobs so he was pretty antsy to start painting.

He started painted the cupboards in the kitchen white to make the space bigger. He also used a ton of paint to coat the basement walls to make it look quite fresh. I was a little worried about the cupboards, yet everything turned out great. We got this awesome Ace giftcard from our wedding, and Ace was having a sample sale so we went home with some room samples. 

We went with Clark & Kensington for all our paint needs. My husband is severely colorblind, but that doesn't stop him from finding some amazing color combinations. He immediately spotted this color purple and was in love.


Next, we wanted a neutral gray to sort of off-set the purple. We couldn't have people covering their eyes as they walk through our house. We tried different grey samples with no luck. Our house has really big windows so the light would hit the grey color differently in every room. It was pretty fascinating to see how a color could change and make the walls look fresh or seriously dirty. We ended up settling on Clark + Kensington's Silver Bonnet. 

After painting hallways and a few rooms we've mostly put our painting projects aside for now. We're still working on the kitchen and figuring out design concepts for our living room and personal bedroom.