Project: Dining Room Table

I may have mentioned in a previous post about hosting for the holidays, but to reiterate my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Are we crazy? Maybe? I'm just excited to start some family traditions. I also felt my mom was ready to pass the torch on for prepping and feeding people.  Considering, I've been helping her cook for the holidays since I was young, it felt like it was time to take a stab and go out there on my own.  


The only item we were not close to securing: a table. I'm pretty sure is a vital item in hosting a dinner, haha. I started searching for a table late September and I've been on the hunt ever since. 

I could not find a dining room table that could comfortable seat eight to ten people at a reasonable price. I tried Craigslist and few other refurbished options, but most of the tables that did fit eight to ten people for a nice price were round shaped tables. Tom and I tried a circle table, but it just did not look right in our house. Even when I found a table I did like it was usually located in Chicago. Tom estimated by the time we would rent a truck to pick up the table what we would spend in mileage----he could just use that money to build a table. 

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That's what we did. We built a table. Here is the final table. It's such a beauty! The total cost was less than $300.

Has not been sanded nor stained...yet 

Has not been sanded nor stained...yet 

Table Building 101: Coordinating Schedules 

Ya'll, Tom waited until I was gone for three days to do this. BAHAHAHAHA. We all know that coordinating your schedule does not matter AT. ALL.  I'm also sure it's a big help. I wasn't necessarily in the way, nor could complain about anything.  Usually, navigating around numerous tools strewn about  only to arrive in the kitchen area wondering how you'll be able to cook or even get a glass of water makes you turn around and

It was awesome to not have to experience any of that.  I was on the other side of the state at a conference before he even purchased the wood. When I came back it was SUCH A GREAT SURPRISE!!! Let's get to the basics---or as it was explained to me: 

Table 101:  Table Dimensions & Design

Tom had dimensions in mind of the how large he wanted the table. He showed it to his friend Seth who fleshed out in detailed exactly what he wanted. Then came the buying of wood from (Home Depot) and the table legs were bought from DendroCo a Chicago Etsy seller. 

Tom said they took these pictures the first night---- after they did the following: bought the wood, cut the plywood, cut the frame, attached the frame, attached the legs.

The second night: attached the top, which Tom said was the most critical part, and put up the trim. 


The next night they filled the wood holes and sanded the table again. 

I will have finally pictures were stain was applied three times and the clear coat went on.  In my next post, I will put the final picture of the table and updated pictures of the shelves.