Lesson Prices

Lesson prices are as follows: 

Adults: $40 for a 30-minute lesson. $45 for a 45-minute lesson. $55 for a 60-minute lesson. 

Children (Age 5-Teens): $30 for a 30-minute lesson.  $40 for a 45-minute lesson. $50 for a 60-minute lesson. 

Multi-Children: $25 for a 30-minute lesson. $35 for a 45-minute lesson. $45 for a 60-minute lesson. 

Fees are a flat rate for each month, the price includes preparation time, as well as instruction time. Payment is due in advance by the 1st of each month. Cash and check are accepted. A $35 fee will be charged if any checks are returned unpaid. PayPal, Chase Quickpay, or Venmo are always welcome. Tuition does not include the cost of books or other instructional materials. No fee adjustments will be made for missed lessons. I am happy to answer any questions regarding fees if needed.

Students will be matched to piano or vocal books appropriate for their age and ability. Books and other materials can be purchased online or through me. Piano method books start around $7.


Lessons are given at my studio at prearrranged times. Each student's lesson time is reserved for them alone, and I have a commitment to instruct at that time. It is important to plan schedules carefully so nothing conflicts. If I have a seven day notice of a scheduling conflict I do not charge. This helps me work to schedule a make-up lesson.  

I understand life happens (hospital, car breaks down) and extreme circumstances cannot be prevented. If a student must miss a lesson please call ahead and leave a message. I will work with you for make-up slots. In addition, if I am unable to teach for any reason, I will also make-up that lesson or a credit will be given. 

I do not charge for spring break, holiday break, or if I call lessons off. Calling lessons off are considered if I am gone for some reason or if a scheduled lesson falls on a holiday. A schedule of events will be sent out once a student has signed up. 

Payment is due at the beginning of each month. A policy agreement must be signed by the caretaker after the free consultation detailing charges and cancellation policy. No refunds for books, recital fees, or unnotified lesson cancellations. 

Cancellation Policy

If it has been decided to discontinue lessons, please give me at least two weeks notice so that I can make arrangements to fill your lesson time.